Wildlife Sanctuary

Once upon a Curly Q time, two dogs lived at Curly Q Ranch Refuge. Both rescues, Curly 1 came off the Houston streets as a little dirty supposed-to-be-white little ragamuffin. Ever so confident, he hopped into Mr. Noah's red convertible. A case of love at first sight. This wonderful dog child went everywhere Mr. Noah went, so happy to be so loved and to love so much in return. 
Curly Q 2 adopted Mr. and Mrs. Noah! He lived down the road with some little old ladies who had so many dogs they didn't know what to do. So Curly Q 2 decided to leave that home and adopt Mr. and Mrs. Noah. Mr. Noah washed his stocky little body in the tub until the water was black with fleas. He was a happy little boy after that! The ranch refuge was named after these Curly Q angels.
Curly Q Ranch Refuge is a haven for abandoned or injured animals. Mrs. Noah started the refuge after volunteering to feed baby fawns near the ranch. She studied to become licensed by the state to rescue, rehab, and release small mammals. Besides dog and cat rescues, Mrs. Noah nurtured raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and bunnies.
Everyone gets along on Curly Q Ranch Refuge and live lovingly happily ever after.
Man by longhorn cow
Baby raccoon feeding
Group sitting on porch
Man with pig
2 women with donkeys
Baby squirrels
Cat on bench
Thanks on table
Man with horse
Girl on pony
Woman with Donkey
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