! It's been hot and heavy with wildlife babies this spring and summer! I have spent up to 4 hours a day nursing raccoon babies in the steamy heat. If I forgot to wear my bandanna headband, salty drops of sweat rolled into my eyes since I couldn't take my hand off the nursing baby to wipe them away.
Now, that time has passed. All 8 are in the large enclosure in the woods until they get old enough to release. I feed them twice a day: apples, grapes,
dry dog and cat food, Vienna sausages [48 cans for $7 at Sam's--good protein source], about 5 pounds at each feeding. I've spent over $200 so far feeding these raccoons and the 17 opossum babies in now have!
Despite the heat and expense, when I see all 8 raccoons throwing back their heads and smacking, open-mouthed, on grapes, all is worthwhile.
The release of the opossum earlier this month was successful. Liz King was here to watch the release and to help nurse Whiskers, the raccoon baby with short whiskers. She came from west Texas to stay at Lily Ponds Cottage to encounter the wealth of wildlife.
Now, I have 17, yes, seventeen baby opossums, 6 about 5" long from nose to rump and 11 about 3" long from nose to rump. They will be eating more and more as they grow into their release length of 10" from nose to rump. Thank God, I didn't have to tube feed them! They eat twice a day: Esbilac formula, apples, grapes, Vienna sausages.
If anyone wants to help with the feed bills, please donate to Lone Star Wildlife Rescue in the name of Curly Q Refuge. It would be greatly appreciated!!