So much depends upon the sweetness of rain. A little has fallen but not nearly enough as the earth turns into winter in this northern hemisphere. Last week, I received a red fox who couldn't move his back legs. Nature took over, taking his life. With his death, I realized that it was time to plant all my precious wildlife children who didn't make it, ones I had been keeping in my freezers until the right time. With the fox, I planted many baby opossums, squirrels, and raccoons who I failed to keep alive. The hole was 3' deep, 2' wide, and 3' long. I watered them with my tears even though I realized that so many more had survived and returned to the wild, even the adult raccoon hit by a car with possibly a broken jaw and lost eye. Miraculously, he survived [even though he had a nasal condition!] Every day, I continue to chop apples, gather dry dog, cat, and rabbit food to leave at the spots where I released the animals and will continue to do, day after day until late spring when food supplies will return, that is, if we have rain. If not, I will continue to feed. Every day, you can find me putting out food around the ranch in loving care of the wild.