Posted In December

A Time for Giving

Today is just like every other day on the refuge: Every late afternoon, I chop apples as I talk with my 91-year-old aunt, prepare buckets of range cubes and sweet feed for Jack, B­­­utch, and Sundance, the resident longhorns, get the old horse Levi's food ready, through some sweets to the crying donkeys, give the goat Howard some feed, put chopped apples, dry dog and cat food out near the house for the wildlife I released here, drive the quarter mile to the release points for the rabbits and raccoons and leave food, throwing out handfuls of corn, hen scratch, sunflower seeds--whatever I have in Brownie, my old brown truck--to the squirrels and other wildlife here. Today was extra special because we are having the gift of precious rain, and my feeding was between the rainfall!--and I went to lock up Bluebonnet Cabin where honeymooners left earlier today. I HAVE THE GREATEST GUESTS! When I opened the door, it looked as if I were welcoming incoming guests: nothing was out of place, table and counters were empty, clean dishes were in the dishwasher. On my return trip as I threw out seeds, I smiled brightly, in awe of this land and its inhabitants. It is such a grand pleasure to share such sweetness.