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A wildlife sanctuary nestled in nature between Houston and Austin on Curly Q Ranch Refuge, in New Ulm, TX.

Curly Q Ranch got its name from two precious dog children named Curly Q. The Ranch grew with animal children quickly and, after some time, became Curly Q Ranch Refuge. Wildlife [raccoons, squirrels, opossums mostly] came here to be nurtured and released back into the wild to live happily ever after.

When guests first arrive, each sighs a loud release of air - letting all the tensions of their busy lives slough off, and deeply inhaling the fresh air of the country. Upon entering Bluebonnet Cabin or Lily Ponds Cottage, guests smell the wonderful aroma of freshly baked, warm French bread. Patrons are welcome to the butter, bacon, eggs (usually from my ladies of the hen house), juice, and rolls from the fridge.

Lily Ponds Cottage and later Bluebonnet Cabin came to be havens for folks to come to get away from the concrete of the city and lie in the hammocks. Ahh... Life is wonderful.

Time stops here. Guests leave reluctantly but with a fresh attitude, rejuvenated to meet their next busy challenges. Still, they always remember life on Curly Q Refuge: petting the piggie, the goaties, and so many more, even feeding the giant longhorn babies.

Curly Q Zoo

Curly Q Zoo is a petting zoo with dozens of friendly animals who love meeting new people. Guests that stay in the cabins have close access to Curly Q Zoo, but the public is welcome to visit as well! This once-in-a-lifetime experience must be scheduled in advance. For more information about Curly Q Zoo and the furry friends who find refuge, visit their website linked below. 
Exterior of Cabin
2 women with donkeys
Cottage at Wolf Hill
Girl on pony
Lily Ponds Cottage
Dear Linda, This has been the most wonderful birthday of my life. Thank you for your hospitality and providing experiences I will never forget. I had so much fun riding in the back of your truck and visiting all of your animals. I feel as if I have experienced the best this world has to offer on this short vacation. It's over too soon, but we will be back. Thank you so much!
My wife and I arrived here at "Lily Pond" still holding hands after 19 years, but we had lost our common ground connection. This land helped us to reset our compass as a couple and rejuvenate our passion for life for each other. Linda, exposing us to your animals was a joy; though fun to watch, they reminded us that life is hard work with some strife. We thank you for your hospitality and wish you and your family the best. Maybe one day we will be back with our children (we have none yet) for another recharge! Best wishes to all,
Willie and Leah, San Antonio
Linda, our experience here has been perfect. There is such a sense of quiet, and your hospitality has been wonderful. Thanks so much for the work that you do and the sanctuary you have created. Just having a chance to wander the trails and look up at night to witness a truly starry sky has left me elated, and I know that my fiancée has greatly enjoyed spending her birthday weekend here. Hope to see you again soon. Endless love and gratitude,
Linda, my husband surprised me with a retreat to New Ulm. And WOW he did a GREAT job finding what turned out to be a little slice of heaven. We enjoyed several long walks, relaxed in the hammock, saw your beautiful longhorns! Thank you for opening this very special place of healing and relaxation. Your hospitality is a perfect match to the very CHARM of Lily Ponds Cottage! Thank you for a restful and blessed week!
A little slice of heaven...
What an amazing cabin and experience. I am so glad we were able to escape the city and celebrate Travis's 29th birthday here! Last night we heard a noise, and the front porch light went out. I was so scared! I pictured a horror movie! Two city kids go to the woods and never make it back! In the end, two donkeys came by to say 'hello'! Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your little place of heaven. We have never rested so much and felt so relaxed! We will definitely be back and tell all our friends about the cabin. It was such a blessing to be here!
An amazing cabin and experience...
Dearest Linda, I believe we are all here to connect with others, our surroundings, and the world. I arrive with my boyfriend, needing to be reminded what it was like to be connected to others, the world, and God. As I looked into your eyes upon arrival, I thought to myself, "What a gift of fresh air and what it is like to be present with others." Your cottage is a gift for those of us who may have forgotten what it is like to be present with another. Thank you for sharing,

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Lily Ponds Cottage

Lily Ponds Cottage

This A-frame sits completely in the woods with a view overlooking the pond

Bluebonnet Cabin

Bluebonnet Cabin

This cedar lodge resides in the meadow backing up into the woods with a great sunset view

Cottage at Wolf Hill

Cottage at Wolf Hill

A cottage where transformation occurs ~ naturally

Lone Star State

New Ulm lies in the middle of five other nearby cities, creating a star. This fittingly Texan layout provides easy access for visitors to discover multiple different towns. Bluebonnet Cabin and Lily Ponds Cottage rest in New Ulm, a quiet, lazy relaxation hub for guests. Larger cities, like Brenham, offer visitors the option to experience urban life during the day before going back to their comfortable cabins. With so many directions to go and places to visit, your stay at Bluebonnet Cabins will be filled with endless fun!
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Endless Activities for Everyone

Texas is home to various family-friendly attractions, romantic views, and night life. New Ulm itself boasts numerous activities, along with being close to major cities like Houston and Austin. Fill your days with water parks, museums, shopping centers, and much more by visiting New Ulm, Texas. 

World-class Dining in New Ulm, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas - including taste! New Ulm and its neighboring cities offer some of the best dining in Texas. With hundreds of different cuisines and styles, there is a food for every taste. Your new favorite dish awaits you in New Ulm, Texas. 
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